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About us

Franjuba Pan, S.L. was established in 1948, when Mr. Bartolomé Reyes, current Managing Director’s grandfather, who ran a wheat mill, founded a little bakery in Nueva St., inside the popular neighbourhood of “Barrio de Santiago” in Jerez de la Frontera.

The company lived a strong growth period when Mr Francisco, the founder’s son joined this family firm. About that time, the business was centered in the local market and pastry, using the same distribution network. In this way, in 80’s Mr Reyes founded the first “Bread Boutique” in the Cádiz area.

In the middle of the 90’s, and with the third familiar generation joined to the firm, Mr Bartolomé Reyes made the decision to strengthen the production of the Spanish traditional breadstick, although It had been elaborated since the establishment of the company, being very appreciated by the consumers. So, this product, whose shelf-life is longer than that of bread, provides us with the opportunity to reach the national and international markets with our quality breadsticks, and more recently, the regañá or snack bread (a sort of typical Andalusian cracker).

Lately, and as consequence of our continuous innovation and our increasing quality, we have launched a gourmet line, characterized by its delightful quality and attractive presentation.

This itinerary along our company history concludes in our days with two important activities: the daily elaboration of bread and the traditional production of mini breadsticks and snack bread, commercialized through specialized shops, wholesalers, supermarkets and the most important department stores in Spain.