Desde 1948

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Our company, Franjuba Pan, has traditionally conceived quality as a fundamental principle that inspires our whole manufacturing process, that is to say, from the selection of raw materials to the placing of our products on the supermarket shelves. In this way, we have selected an accredited Certification Body as EFSIS to carry out a full evaluation on our site, with a successful certification to the appropriate BRC Global Standard.

So, we have established an automatic control system denominated Analysis of Dangers and Critical Control Posts that is reflected in the following aspects:

In our Factory:

  • Modern facilities with updated temperature and humidity autocontrol systems with special attention to the fermentation and baking process.

Our Personnel

  • Our staff participates in an Annual Training Plan receiving courses on handling and manufacture practices.

External Controls:

  • Supervision and monthly control by a specialized Laboratory accredited by ENAC.
  • Periodic security and hygiene audits by our biggest clients (for example, Carrefour and “El Corte Inglés” Group).
  • As a result of our incipient exporting activity, we are subject to inspections and periodic controls by the Andalusian Health Authorities, that certifiy the health of our products.

By all this, we are proud of the quality of La Gañanía products, that allows us to distinguish ourselves from the rest of our competitors, offering to our consumers a flavourful and healthy product that fulfills all the food security exigencies.